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Our procedures incorporate the latest in modern medicine in order to provide improved health and quality of life. Please see below a list of the procedures that are available to you. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Birth Control
Description: A non-invasive procedure that involves no incisions. Spring-like coils, called micro-inserts, are inserted into the fallopian tubes. The micro-inserts help create a tissue barrier that completely blocks the tubes, resulting in permanent birth control. Click here to read more....
Average Recovery: Immediate

Laparoscopy Tubal Ligation
Description: An operation that ties the fallopian tubes closed, making a woman permanently sterile. The surgery is performed in the hospital or outpatient clinic and requires anesthesia and incisions.
Average Recovery: Approximately 4-7 days

Vaginal Procedures
LEEP (Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure)
Description: A procedure used to treat dysplasia (abnormal cells) in the cervix. Dysplasia can lead to cervical cancer. LEEP removes the abnormal cells in the cervix, allowing new healthy cells to grow. No anesthesia is required, and the procedure takes only a few minutes.
Avg. Recovery: Approximately 1-2 weeks

Description: A procedure that allows the physician to have an enlarged view of the cervix, with the purpose of assessing potential problems such as genital warts, benign growths, pain, or bleeding.
Average Recovery: Immediate

Endometrial Ablation
Gynecare Thermachoice
Description: Type of endometrial ablation, where heat is used to treat the endometrium. A small, flexible balloon is fed into the uterus and inflated with heated fluid to the size and shape of the uterus. The fluid is heated for eight minutes, then the fluid is withdrawn and the balloon is removed. The heat removes the endometrium. A sedative is used, and no incision is required. Click here to read more...
Average Recovery: Approximately 1-2 days

Urinary Incontinence Procedures
Gynecare TVT
Description: A procedure that treats stress urinary incontinence by inserting a thin strip of mesh under the urethra to provide support. This allows the urethra to remain closed when necessary, thus eliminating involuntary urination. The procedure requires two small incisions and anesthesia.
Avg. Recovery: Approximately 1-2 days

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